Emily Mace is an accomplished public speaker and teacher; she has spoken at academic conferences, religious services, and in classrooms across the country.  She currently resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and is available for speaking engagements throughout Chicagoland and the Chicago area as well as in Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin.

Recent Topics: 

  • “Prophetic Witness, Past and Present,” on the difficulties of separating politics and religion
  • “To Know the Place for the First Time,” on T. S. Eliot’s conversion to Anglicanism
  • “Madeleine L’Engle’s Religious Liberalism,” on the beloved author’s themes of love, science, and the Christian religion

Other Possibilities: 

  • Religious liberalism and progressive Christianity
  • Liberal Christianity and liberal Judaism
  • Religious “nones,” or unaffiliated believers and non-believers – both in American history and the present moment
  • Interfaith families and communities
  • Religion and women or gender in America

Alternative Academic Careers: As an alternative-academic / post-academic professional, I am excited to bring what I’ve learned about humanities graduates looking for work outside, or alongside, the academy to academic and other audiences.  I’ve presented workshops about alternative academic job searching at national as well as small/local conferences, with a particular focus on what you can do during graduate school to help in your alt-ac or post-ac job search, should a job search outside the academy become necessary.

To Book Me for a Speaking Engagement: 

Contact emilyrmace [at] gmail [dot] com about availability or topics!